Posted by: mrflores | January 6, 2010

Now Accepting Nominations for the 2nd Annual American World Squirrel Wine Blog Awards

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We have now opened up nominations from all over the world, including Portugal.
The Rules are simple – nominate a wine blog – get an award. It can be for as little as one post. It must be

1) One of a kind
2) Courageous
3) About wine (kind of)
4) A blog (or a post)
5) Worthy

No goose eggs – high production values and creativity rewarded. Now, bring ’em on ya’ll!



  1. (worthy), (one of a kind), (for trying to drink 365+ sparkling wines in 2010…courageous)

  2. I nominate Do Bianchi for the most use of the name Tracie in all of cyberspace. There, the gauntlet has been thrown down!

  3. Oh and can I shamelessly nominate myself for: The Best Wine PR Person EVER Who Hates Squirrels So Much I Dream About Shooting Them In My Backyard Because They DESTROY My Garden?

    Just a thought….

  4. Dr. Parzen (of course), and Joe Roberts.

  5. Best wine alter ego name: Finkus Bripp of Wine on the Rocks. And I second Mary Anne’s nomination of 2B and the use of Tracie B. Gotta love l-o-v-e.

  6. DoBianchi, BrunellosHaveMoreFun, On The Wine Trial in Italy (Italian Wine Guy), Randall Grahm (beendoonsolong)

  7. Best slice of Brunello, I think comes from Laura Gray at ! I feel like i’m in Montalcino when I read her blog. A cheeky taste of tuscany for us americans.

  8. Do Bianchi teaches you and makes you smile…

  9. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by ItalianWineGuy: RT @SQWBA Now Accepting Nominations for the 2nd Annual World Squirrel Wine Blog Awards

  10. I nominate Jo Diaz for her Petite love, and for having the coolest contests on her site (where i win two tickerts to Dark & Delicious, a night of Petite and food.

    • While John thinks that it was cool to get a pair of tickets, I can do one even better, and bribe Las Flores with another pair for him and someone he’d like to bring with him. (Dark & Delicious – best name for an event – ever, February 19, 6:00 to 9:00 p.m., 41 wineries and 26 foodies… Yum!) I think bribes are cool, when they’re this yummy… Maybe that’s why John was so impressed?

      But… I’ve also asked (see below) for an update of my last year’s award: “Best Ever Reference to Hyemeyohsts Storm in an Astrology Post” and that was on a wine blog.

    • I nominate John Cesano for being easily bought.

  11. On the wine trail in Italy, wonderful writing in Alfonzo’s blog, I look forward to it every day.

  12. I nominate
    *Tamara Belgard of
    *Vinogirl of
    *WCWG at
    *Karen G at <<<Int'l flavor
    *Grace Hoffman at
    *Denise Slattery at
    *Josh @
    *Bean at
    *Joe at
    *Frank at
    *Jon at

    for improvements to a blog, above and beyond the call of duty. Each of these intrepid bloggers have left comments on my blog, thus making my blog better. For this, i nominate each for a Golden Squirrel Wine Blog Award.

  13. Do Bianchi: a pleasure to read, always interesting and fun.

  14. I thought these were supposed to be tongue-in-cheek cheers-to-wretched-excess awards? In the spirit of Mary Ann’s citing of Parzen & Tracie B.?

    Start getting satirical, moe-rons!

  15. thanks for the toon up strapps! ya’ll get wid dit!

  16. you need a category for quitters- I vote for Peter Liem

  17. I may be a douchebag but I know my duty!

  18. I was at a wine bar last night and god hit on me.

    • 1) One of a kind
      2) Courageous
      3) About wine (kind of)
      4) A blog (or a post)
      5) Worthy

      4 out of 5 ain’t so bad. Ok, you win!

  19. – unique take on wine life in the ‘burbs with very creative writing that you have you ROFL’ing!

  20. I nominate Reign of Terroir for the ‘Inverse Ratio’ award. The greatest quantity of quality content divided by the fewest readers!

    Two years on and still going strong!

    • Oh, your award is a SLAM DUNK. In the BAG. Count on it 😉

  21. Brooklynguy brings it again and again, and DoBianchi has been getting better and better. Captaintumorman for best blog sometimes about wine.

  22. You probably need a nominating category for failed journalists who have resorted to blogging in the hope that anyone will cozy up to their bleats

    • Or for fired journalists who are desperate for paying work and think they can get it by giving it away.

      Sad. I mean it. The social order’s been upended. It’s like America is a perpetual Saturnalia. (Look it up, Laura.)

  23. OK, do I get an award for having to look up keister? I posted before you’d launched the new awards Sgt. S. but, yes sir, on the double, here I am in the right place at last. Is there a Wine Blog That Mentions Wine Very Rarely But Uses Long Words category?

  24. FAIL, Laura.

    Keister (keester) isn’t a long word. Two measly syllables. Everybody over 20 in America knows the word and has probably used it thusly: “Get off your keester and do some work around here for a change!”

    Which raises 2 issues:

    1. Are you old enough for wine blogging?

    2. Do you have a visible means of support?

    • Ouch, Strappo old thing! Why so vituperative? I’ve got Sgt.S. calling me dearie and talking about derrières and now you’re asking me how I’m propped up … what next? I know what Saturnalia is after 8 years of Latin and that wasn’t in America (hence keister lacuna) and, yes, I am an adult. Is there a category for Bilious Venting, I wonder? If we carry on like this we can both be candidates. In the meantime I would like to nominate myself for Miccia Corta. Pax?

      • Laura, I proffer a claw-like appendage in friendship.

        On a serious note, I think Bilious Venting would have many many worthy candidates.

        And I’m still pushing for Blog(s) Most Worthy of Blogthanasia.

  25. By the way, Sarge, I got a Squirrel Award last year for most egregiously self-serving post (or something like that) on mondosapore. Since I have finally put the pillow over that blog’s withered face, I think I deserve SOME kind of recognition for blogthanasia.

    I wish a lot more bloggers — many many many more — would follow my inspiring example.

  26. My most bodacious was declaring myself Texas Wine Czar with uniform and medlas included; see photo and blog,

    If I Was Appointed the Texas Wine Czar
    I would do the following ten things to promote Texas wines:

    1. Annex a state that had at least 10,000 acres of quality producing grape vine to erase the deficit we have in the number of acres of Texas grapes. Going from 60 to over 200 Texas wineries has stretched our 4,000 acres too far. This has forced some Texas wineries to make Texas wine with out of state grapes

    Nine more at:

  27. Can I nominate a site under the “most gorgeous site I can’t read a word of” category?

  28. Cookblog by Peter–lots of cooking and wine too

  29. I’d like to nominate Enobytes for the “wackiest Google search phrases used to find a wine blog”.

  30. I nominate “Wine Tasting, Vineyards, in France”

    The photographs are awesome, as is the lifestyle depicted!

  31. For interminable shameless self-promotion, non-wine blogging and non-blogging period, I nominate myself.

    On the less serious side, I nominate On The Italian Wine Trail for having the most appealing cuvee of wine appreciation, humor, pathos and authenticity.

    And now I am leaving because it is already heating up here and not in a good way.

  32. Nominating yourself? Is that allowed?

    Well, why not. But it is bad form, old chap.

    I’LL nominate you!

  33. 750 mL ( for everything related to wine writing. Best TNs period.

  34. Forgot the real reason for nominating On The Italian Wine Trail: most egregious use of knicknames like “Sausage Paul” and most mentions of the name “Zaia” in a blog. In addition, the most Hollywoody blog waht with all those photos of stars and starlets.

    • excellent reasons!

      i was like, “zaia zaia zaia!? are you like in LOVE with him or something? get a room. a subsidized luxury room in a hotel berlusconi owns.”

      • Con enorme piacere, Strappo, I accept your proffered claw-like appendage with my own equally scaly appendix! As a gesture of goodwill, may I share with you the fact that I was at the last Bonspiel? Ok, I admit it, I want you to have to look up a 2 syllable word in the dictionary…. but I was there, honest.

  35. well you throw german at me and i’m done for.

  36. Looking for an update on my award from last year, although I don’t know if I can top it. (Best Ever Reference to Hyemeyohsts Storm in an Astrology Post)

    And, I must thank John Cesano for singling me out, before he went into his group nomination. (Impressive on my end.)

    My update is my Rock n’Rollers who are have mellowed out, and are probably – with me – in rockers (chairs, that is), with a glass of great wine).

    Who else do you know that has this comprehensive of a list, made up of rockers who have mellowed out with wine? (No-one, unless there’s some copy/pasting going on… Oh, yeah, Sergeant Flores, that’s what would have happened with this one. No one else seems to care as much as I, because I used to be in rock n’roll radio with these guys back stage, while they were on tour.)

    And, thanks for including Portugal in our world. Having just been there, I can attest that they are indeed in a world class of their own… and should be mentioned accordingly.

    My image says it all, too… Notice how a guitar cleverly just sits inside a bottle… These rockers know what they’re doing.

    I’m about to update this posting, because I’ve found three more rockers… I think I’ll call this next version (needs an every two year update) “Do rockers eventually fall into rockers?”

  37. I have a high school chum who blogs on a site called Beyond wonderful, where the site owner has gathered “experts” on a host of subjects. My friend is billed as the “Wine Expert” which I find incredibly ballsy.

    My nomination for ballsiest self title in a wine blog goes to Michael De Loach, Wine Expert.

    In fairness to Michael, he has been the President of both De Loach Vineyards and Hook & Ladder Winery, so he really is a wine expert, and his blog is incredibly informative, opinionated, correct on all assertions, and funny.

  38. Today, 1/21, is Squirrel Appreciation Day!

  39. Hey, nobody nominated the ol’ HoseMaster of Wine?! I’m shocked. What kind of bogus award is this?

    There’s the now classic “Vornography” to consider.

    Other than that, I suck


  40. Like this blog a lot. It’s relatively new, but it has a sleek design and interesting submissions. Looking forward to seeing how this sight develops. Video as part of the blog is innovative.

  41. I nominate the Treasure Valley Food and Wine Blog in Boise, Idaho at Doing a Cruise on a low budget, as depicted in the above link.

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