Posted by: mrflores | May 26, 2010

Finally! – The 2010 World Squirrel Wine Blog Awards

Not to be outdone by cheap imitations, announcing the 2010 World Squirrel Wine Blog Honorary Awards and Nominating Categories.

First of all – to the Honored Ones – congratulations – you’re all winners! And remember winners,  grab the Squirrel Badge and post it on your site for all to see and desire.

Secondly –  following the Honorary awards we are posting Nominating Categories – please populate the comments with your nominations and remember we’re all winners. Results will be posted sometime between Memorial Day weekend and the 4th of July.

Happy Voting and remember to vote early and vote often!

Honorary Wine Blog Awards

Best Sensual (not just about QPR or wine) Blog Samantha Sans Dosage

Best Naughty Wine BlogHosemaster

Best Wine Blog that Traditional Media Destroyed The Pour

Best Wine Blog Award about her Love of Plumbing Alice Feiring

Best Texas Hold ‘em BloggerDo Bianchi

Best “I’d rather be surfing in San Diego than sweating in NY” Blog AwardBrooklyn Guy

And the  Nominating Categories

Best Voyeur Wine Blog

Best BBQ and Rose’ Wine Blog

Best Revolutionary Wine Blog Content

Best Family Values Wine Blog

Best Tea Bagger Party  Wine Blog

Best Pirate Wine Blog

Best use of Medical Marijuana when writing their wine blog

Remember to populate the comments with your nominations.  Results will be posted sometime between Memorial Day weekend and the 4th of July.

Happy Voting and remember to vote early and vote often!

This just added: For Honorees who prefer an alternative Badge, Mr. Flores has made it available – Download HERE



  1. Delightful! The voting begins! Gonna give this some thought.

  2. Awe how wicked cool is this? Thank you so much and I will be spending the next few days trying to figure out how to affix my badge to my blog…wishing I had not loaned The HoseMaster my pasties glue!

  3. Shirley, imho, the Best Voyeur Wine Blog was created especially for the chief voyeur and writer of to strive for and win(e).

  4. um, can I win for the medical marijuana badge, too?

    • No Jeremy! I think that the winner of medical marijuana badge can be only Grappolo Rosso 🙂

  5. If Jeremy gets a weed badge I want a weed badge too! If not I will call your awards a farce and denounce you a cheat.

    Just in case anyone was missing those other awards….

  6. mr flores is busy, right now, but he will take these recommendations under advisement…

  7. here you go , kids! go crazy!
    the new badge here:

  8. This is the onliest thing in the Whole Wine Matrix making me regret I’m on indefinite hiatus– or in recovery, or what have you.

  9. Best. Badge. EVER!!!

  10. Clever little squirrel… gets his medical pot card *and* fires up the bong like the best of them!

  11. God, I wish there was an old hippie squirrel award… It would be mine, given my history against all you others…

    Also, Squirrel in the Boston in the Commons award would go to me. My great grandfather (seven times removed) founded Boston. You know when he got there, the only thing there was for keeping Reverend William Blackstone company were the squirrels. (Blackstone was sent over by King James to preach that version of the Bible.) I have a long line of history with squirrels in the US… back to the 1600s, so… If you ever have a wine blogger who intimately knows how to be Squirreley, and has to be closely connected to squirrels from the 1600’s – like a squirrel in a pilgrim costume… don’t forget me.

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