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The nominations are – the votes are being tabulated.  Last minutes bribes are being processed.  Huge announcement forthcoming!

Posted by: mrflores | May 26, 2010

Finally! – The 2010 World Squirrel Wine Blog Awards

Not to be outdone by cheap imitations, announcing the 2010 World Squirrel Wine Blog Honorary Awards and Nominating Categories.

First of all – to the Honored Ones – congratulations – you’re all winners! And remember winners,  grab the Squirrel Badge and post it on your site for all to see and desire.

Secondly –  following the Honorary awards we are posting Nominating Categories – please populate the comments with your nominations and remember we’re all winners. Results will be posted sometime between Memorial Day weekend and the 4th of July.

Happy Voting and remember to vote early and vote often!

Honorary Wine Blog Awards

Best Sensual (not just about QPR or wine) Blog Samantha Sans Dosage

Best Naughty Wine BlogHosemaster

Best Wine Blog that Traditional Media Destroyed The Pour

Best Wine Blog Award about her Love of Plumbing Alice Feiring

Best Texas Hold ‘em BloggerDo Bianchi

Best “I’d rather be surfing in San Diego than sweating in NY” Blog AwardBrooklyn Guy

And the  Nominating Categories

Best Voyeur Wine Blog

Best BBQ and Rose’ Wine Blog

Best Revolutionary Wine Blog Content

Best Family Values Wine Blog

Best Tea Bagger Party  Wine Blog

Best Pirate Wine Blog

Best use of Medical Marijuana when writing their wine blog

Remember to populate the comments with your nominations.  Results will be posted sometime between Memorial Day weekend and the 4th of July.

Happy Voting and remember to vote early and vote often!

This just added: For Honorees who prefer an alternative Badge, Mr. Flores has made it available – Download HERE

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We have now opened up nominations from all over the world, including Portugal.
The Rules are simple – nominate a wine blog – get an award. It can be for as little as one post. It must be

1) One of a kind
2) Courageous
3) About wine (kind of)
4) A blog (or a post)
5) Worthy

No goose eggs – high production values and creativity rewarded. Now, bring ’em on ya’ll!

Posted by: mrflores | December 9, 2009

Rabbits and more rabbits

Posted by: mrflores | June 22, 2009

Perfect Pizza Partner

beer drinking squirrel

Sgt. Sassafras taking a beer break, waiting for his Regina Margherita

Posted by: mrflores | June 22, 2009

La Jolla Wedding Bowl Squirrel



Posted by: Do Bianchi | June 12, 2009

Congratulations ImAMarinesGirl and Philip!

Congratulations! Happy happy day!


Posted by: mrflores | April 14, 2009

Springtime at the colony

Thank you Benoit!!!





Posted by: mrflores | March 1, 2009

American Squirrel Wine Blog Award Winners


Las Flores View Point Squirrel Colony is pleased to announce the winners of the first-ever American Squirrel Wine Blog Awards.

Best CSI Miami Post: Vino al Vino

Best Morris Dancing Post: In Vino Veritas

Best Tango Post: Avvinare

Best Hair: Charles Scicolone

Best Use of  “Best”: Vinography

Best and Most Sustained Use of the Term Chiming Acidity :  Fredric Koeppel – Bigger Than Your Head

Best Shameless Self-Promotion: Mondo Sapore

Best Use of Sex: Antiyelp

Best R&B Writing: The Pour

Best Punk Rock Obit: McDuff’s Food and Wine Trail

Best Indy Rock Post: Besotted Ramblings

Best Jazz Writing: Wine Camp

Best Co-Opted Content: Dr. Vino

Best Boldface Names: BrooklynGuy Loves Wine

Best Chance of Getting a Reservation at Babbo: The Buzz

Best Visual Re-Direct: East Village Wine Geek

Best Tax Tips: Jaynes Gastropub

Best Blog Contest Prizes Ever: Texa Cali Wine Trail

Best Use of Sailboats in a Post: Wilma’s Wine World

Best Non-Blogging Wine Blogger: Tish

Best Political Blogger Who Should Be a Wine Blogger: Howard Rodman

Best Film Criticism by a Wine Blogger: Tom Hyland

Best Off-Road Bike-Riding Writing: Spume

Most Sustained Use of the Term Chiming Acidity: Frankly Wines

Best Religious Writing: Starkland Cellars

Best Synthehol Post: Wine Sooth

Best Use of Comments: Tasting Room

Best Paronomasia: Reign of Terroir

Best Sucking Up to Other Wine Bloggers: Montalcino Report

Best Italian Politician Caught with Pork Post: Luca Zaia

Most Courageous Blog (for Visiting a Winery in Illinois in February): Windy City Wine Guy (actually, for visiting any winery in Illinois)

Most Prodigious Anonymous Blog Commenter: Morton Leslie

Best Real Life Counterpoint to Morton Leslie: Thomas Pellechia

Best Use of a Kiddie Pool: De Vino

Best New Blog with the Best Ever Surname: Caveman Wines

Best Luca Brasi T-Shirt Promotion: Anima Mundi

Best Use of  “very good QPR” on a Blog: Dr. Debs

Best Portuguese Regatta Post: Ray Isle – Tasting Room

Best Cham-I-am post set in the future: Wine Diver Girl

Best Ever Reference to Hyemeyohsts Storm in an Astrology Post: Jo Diaz

Best Valentine’s Day Loser  Post : Dale Cruse

Dom Ruinart Prize for Best Repurposed Champagne Saber post: GenevelynSteeleSwallows

Lenny Bruce Self-Loathing Jew Award: Rockss and Fruit

Best Use of a Hat as a Prop in an About Post: Jeff Siegel- The Wine Curmudgeon

Steven Spielberg Lifetime Achievement Award for 8 Years of Blogging: Joe Dressner

Best Hollywood Name for a Blog Poster : Elton Slone

Dual Award for Blogging Wine Matches and Popeye’s Chicken (twice):  Dirty South Wine

Special Award for Time Elapsed between Posts: My Life Italian

Best Wine Blogs Pairing: My Life Italian and Do Bianchi

Charleton Heston Award for Best Use of Apes: Italian Wine Guy

Best Damn Wine Detectives with the Coolest Doggone Car: Starsky and Hutch

Best and Most Brilliant use of Blog Contest to get Other Bloggers to Direct Traffic to his Blog: Fermentation


Winners: Please grab the Blog Award stamp and proudly display it on your site.

If we have left anyone out, please don’t be sad. Just let us know about your blog in the comment section and the award you’d like to be considered for, because we squirrels think you’re all winners!

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