Posted by: mrflores | March 1, 2009

American Squirrel Wine Blog Award Winners


Las Flores View Point Squirrel Colony is pleased to announce the winners of the first-ever American Squirrel Wine Blog Awards.

Best CSI Miami Post: Vino al Vino

Best Morris Dancing Post: In Vino Veritas

Best Tango Post: Avvinare

Best Hair: Charles Scicolone

Best Use of  “Best”: Vinography

Best and Most Sustained Use of the Term Chiming Acidity :  Fredric Koeppel – Bigger Than Your Head

Best Shameless Self-Promotion: Mondo Sapore

Best Use of Sex: Antiyelp

Best R&B Writing: The Pour

Best Punk Rock Obit: McDuff’s Food and Wine Trail

Best Indy Rock Post: Besotted Ramblings

Best Jazz Writing: Wine Camp

Best Co-Opted Content: Dr. Vino

Best Boldface Names: BrooklynGuy Loves Wine

Best Chance of Getting a Reservation at Babbo: The Buzz

Best Visual Re-Direct: East Village Wine Geek

Best Tax Tips: Jaynes Gastropub

Best Blog Contest Prizes Ever: Texa Cali Wine Trail

Best Use of Sailboats in a Post: Wilma’s Wine World

Best Non-Blogging Wine Blogger: Tish

Best Political Blogger Who Should Be a Wine Blogger: Howard Rodman

Best Film Criticism by a Wine Blogger: Tom Hyland

Best Off-Road Bike-Riding Writing: Spume

Most Sustained Use of the Term Chiming Acidity: Frankly Wines

Best Religious Writing: Starkland Cellars

Best Synthehol Post: Wine Sooth

Best Use of Comments: Tasting Room

Best Paronomasia: Reign of Terroir

Best Sucking Up to Other Wine Bloggers: Montalcino Report

Best Italian Politician Caught with Pork Post: Luca Zaia

Most Courageous Blog (for Visiting a Winery in Illinois in February): Windy City Wine Guy (actually, for visiting any winery in Illinois)

Most Prodigious Anonymous Blog Commenter: Morton Leslie

Best Real Life Counterpoint to Morton Leslie: Thomas Pellechia

Best Use of a Kiddie Pool: De Vino

Best New Blog with the Best Ever Surname: Caveman Wines

Best Luca Brasi T-Shirt Promotion: Anima Mundi

Best Use of  “very good QPR” on a Blog: Dr. Debs

Best Portuguese Regatta Post: Ray Isle – Tasting Room

Best Cham-I-am post set in the future: Wine Diver Girl

Best Ever Reference to Hyemeyohsts Storm in an Astrology Post: Jo Diaz

Best Valentine’s Day Loser  Post : Dale Cruse

Dom Ruinart Prize for Best Repurposed Champagne Saber post: GenevelynSteeleSwallows

Lenny Bruce Self-Loathing Jew Award: Rockss and Fruit

Best Use of a Hat as a Prop in an About Post: Jeff Siegel- The Wine Curmudgeon

Steven Spielberg Lifetime Achievement Award for 8 Years of Blogging: Joe Dressner

Best Hollywood Name for a Blog Poster : Elton Slone

Dual Award for Blogging Wine Matches and Popeye’s Chicken (twice):  Dirty South Wine

Special Award for Time Elapsed between Posts: My Life Italian

Best Wine Blogs Pairing: My Life Italian and Do Bianchi

Charleton Heston Award for Best Use of Apes: Italian Wine Guy

Best Damn Wine Detectives with the Coolest Doggone Car: Starsky and Hutch

Best and Most Brilliant use of Blog Contest to get Other Bloggers to Direct Traffic to his Blog: Fermentation


Winners: Please grab the Blog Award stamp and proudly display it on your site.

If we have left anyone out, please don’t be sad. Just let us know about your blog in the comment section and the award you’d like to be considered for, because we squirrels think you’re all winners!


  1. Very Cute!
    I am honored.
    You like me. You really really like me!…

  2. Where do I get the HTML code for the stamp or do I cut and paste the stamp?

  3. Lyle:

    I got my secretary to cut and paste.

  4. I would like to thank the judges at the American Wine Blog Awards for their oversight, the Lodi Chamber of Commerce for their insight, and the American Squirrel Awards for their website.

    I join with my esteemed colleague, Arthur, in saying, I am honored.

  5. Lyle
    It’s a setting in wordpress. This blog’s setting does not allow for your icon/avatar but inserts a unique one for each visitor

  6. Never mind, Lyle.

    I misunderstood your question. Just right click and select “Copy image”

  7. Make sure you click the one that says “I’m a Winner!” at the bottom

  8. Thanks, I am honored and you know to whom to pay respect. Lots of loaded words here.

  9. What about Prizes? I can donate some Nutella We were importing from China…

  10. Keeping in the thematic vein of the post which earned me this prestigious award, I propose:

  11. This is an awesome honor. Having grown up in a neighborhood called Squirrel Hill, it feels very full-circle. I may have to start blogging now just so I can win another one next year!

  12. Should I be honored or disappointed that I didn’t win anything?

  13. We squirrels are sensitive types, Dale. But we have much love in our hearts. So we have bestowed an Award upon you. Congratulations, you’re a Winner!

  14. This is the BEST !

  15. I didn’t win. No respect, I get no respect I tell ya.

  16. Kevin:
    Write the award you’d like to get on the back of a $100 bill and mail it to us here at Las Flores View Point Squirrel Colony. To us, you’re a Winner!

  17. Hey!
    Who’s running these awards, anyway? The Wine Spectator?

  18. I’m very honored to win this award since most of the time it feels like I’m blogging about herding squirrels in Texas.

    Thanks to the Academy of Nuts who voted for me out there…and of course a big shout out to my Mom who continues to ask me who is in going to win the contest a few times a day…

  19. Thanks for all. As you can tell by my blog…I am not computer literate!

  20. i must thank the “best wine blog pairing” for the success which led to my award for “most time lapsed between posts.”

    couldn’t have done it without you 2B!

  21. Geez, I thought I’d never win anything. With my faith restored, I shall blog on.

    Have you any red squirrel awards?

  22. I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member!

    Seriously, ladies and germs, I’d like to thank my agent…

    Tracie B, I’ll never forget the day that you added me to your blogroll… It was love at first post… 🙂

  23. Wow, I’m honored. And squirrels are like *totally* cute.

  24. “Oh my God. I’m back. I’m home. All the time, it was… We finally really did it.”

  25. Long Live the ASWBA!

  26. I couldn’t be prouder, more honored, more flattered, more shocked. To be given an award for achievement is wonderful– But to be given an award for something one has not yet done is paradise!

    Squirrel can get a handful of peanuts in my park any day.

    Gratefully yours (a sentiment I’m pairing with a 1976 Alta Rioja),


  27. Finally, acknowledgement from a fine furry institution about the glories of the Morris. I thank you and Morris Dancers of the world thank you!

  28. I guess playing all that Squirrelbait on the radio back in the day has finally paid off.

    PS: Is that McGruff the Crime Squirrel?

  29. Wow, nice to see so many of my friends and peers achieving true greatness.

    One quibble:

    It would have been too serious to give a special award to Franco Ziliani of VinoWire for his nearly real time coverage of the Great Brunello Scandal of 2008?

  30. Roberto:

    You are not in charge of this blog. You must ask Morton Leslie.

  31. I sent an email to Morton Leslie, told him of this space. Still waiting…..

  32. Ha ha ha. Lovely to be in such esteemed company…Creativity is blossoming out there in fly over country…I guess I won’t give up blogging 🙂

  33. prodigious…prodigious… that could mean like comparing me to a prodigy couldn’t it? But then, it could also mean extraordinary in bulk. Hmmm.

    Well, either way I’m very proud that a fictitious commenter could rise to such heights. It has given me needed encouragement and I promise to redouble my efforts as well as my word count.

    Thanks to all of you for your support.

    Oh, and it’s okay Robert feel free to make any suggestions you wish.

  34. It’s a real honor to have a Squirrely Blog. Isn’t that suit that squirrel is wearing standard Blue Note issue?

    It’s flattering to be part of such a distinguished group of professional drinkers. Thanks to the academy.

  35. Thanks for the award little fellas. I know it had nothing to do with the 99 cent jack in the box tacos I accidentally left behind on my last trip up the I5. Because of you I am now not only a bona fide, dignified, glorified alcoholic, but also a pervert.

    p.s. Hope you got the photos of the 4 super tuscans. I now relate them to women with plastic surgery. Lastly, question…what Italian ever came up with the name super tuscan? Does that mean they wear skin tight shirts, gold chains, and drink Zima?

  36. Craig-
    Thanks for noticing. I rarely get to break out my BN suit. I borrowed the hat from Lester Young. I think Herman Leonard took a great shot.

  37. I am honored by the award conferred upon me by the American Squirrels. Thank you very much, Alessandro Bindocci, Tenuta Il Poggione, Sant’Angelo in Colle (Montalcino)

  38. OK, since I’m the counterpoint, it’s been a joy to discover that Morton isn’t just a super intelligent bot… 😉

  39. Oy! This is perfect for people like me who would never win any other wine blogging award.

  40. Just to think a few short years ago, I had short hair.Thank you for the award. I am going to see
    E’sempre un piacere

  41. How about “Best Astrological References, that – yes – tie into wine” ?

    It might encourage me to write more about astrology, as I sip my wine.

    Thanks for the opportunity to shine!

  42. Sorry, you’ve got my editing versions.:

    January 16th, 2009 : Viticulture in Astrological Cycles ~ What Once Was, Cycles Back as a “Biodynamic” ~

    August 12th, 2006: The Ultimate Martinie ~ The Cosmic Muffin… ~

  43. AS another jerk once said:


    I’ve never felt so furry…

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…

  44. BTW – before I forget – this award is very important to me. You see (And I’m not making this up. It’s way to complicated.) my great grandfather (six times removed) William Blackstone was sent over by King James to preach the King James version of the Bible. He landed on a piece of property (and subsequently owned 80 acres) for what’s today called Beacon Hills and the Boston Commons. So, whenever I’m in the Commons, I look at the squirrels knowing that we’ve both filtered down from a time where our descendants crossed paths.

  45. I once got attacked by a squirrel that somehow got into my closet. Does that count?


  46. Thanks Jo-

    You’re a Winner!

    Don’t forget to add the “I’m a Winner” stamp to your site.

  47. Sgt. Sassafrass,

    Whohoo. I can’t wait to add “I’m a winner” to my site!

    And, Sonadora,

    I wonder if your attack was anything like mine in my closet. Some bees had come in with the laundry my mother had hung on the clothes line. In a moment of drama, I threw myself into my closet to comfort my anger and tears. I got stung, felt the pain through my shock, and threw myself back in for a second time (what are the odds?), only to get stung again.

    I then got over whatever had caused the drama, and have not thrown myself into a closet since.

  48. Wow. And I thought nobody read my blog. Apparently, the Squirrel nation likes caves. 🙂 Thanks for the acknowledgment.

  49. Hilarious, truly hilarious

  50. Michael – we read you. Yeah, we read you.

    Genevelyn- You’re a Winner!

  51. Hey Benny Boy:

    Zima was my mother’s name. and Corona was my dad’s name. Watch it!

  52. Can I have “Most Infrequent Wine Blogger Because He Spends Too Much Time on Twitter and Facebook”?

    BTW – Squirrel needn’t fear the kitchens of Healdsburg – the pairing choices are too complex!

  53. I like these awards much better than those other ones, although yet again, I’m still “almost” the prom queen, toiling in Cincinnati obscurity. Let me tell you, it’s hard to have a wine blog when you’re not in CA or NY! 😉
    Kidding. These are so great and truly, squirrels are adorable! Cheers!

  54. These awards are all messed up. I thought you needed pictures of naked women to win these things? And I bet that squirrel isn’t even 21 (in squirrel years.)

  55. […] You’ll find a very good discussion, with some valid critiques, on Another Wine Blog, and even a parody written by squirrels. […]

  56. Parody? Written by Squirrels? What’s he talking about? These American Wine Squirrel Blog Awards are serious stuff !

    Do I smell an anti-squirrelite?

  57. I knew that battle between me & my garden hose and that squirrel when I was 10 would come back to haunt me…

  58. So there you go El Jefe. sephage brought out the garden hose. grab your camera and get to work. if you bloggers want an award there’s work to be done.

  59. Sgt. Sassafras:
    I’m so sad. I love both of those squirrels on the masthead and I can’t decide.

    Somebody help me please!

  60. I once mothered a couple of baby squirrels after a big bad car ran over their mommy! I’m surprised you don’t remember that Sgt. Sassafras! Where’s the love?

  61. Im honored. I think those squirrels might get a little more peace and quiet if our new prez follows through…Marine Girl might get her man back too…

  62. […] I won a blog award! Um, ok, so it isn’t an American Wine Blog Award. In fact it’s an American Squirrel Wine Blog Award. That’s right, the folks at Las Flores View Point Squirrel Colony in Camp Pendleton, […]

  63. this is the link to the post of announcement of this fantastic Award I published in my blog Vino al Vino
    I’m really honored!

  64. So there I am i some little borgo in Tuscany without WiFi wondering what those Facebook messages were all about. And now I know.

    And I wanna tellya it’s about time I got some friggin’ recognition. I won an award. so it was for shameless self-promotion. At least I’m HONEST about it, damn you all. As my mother used to warn us, “You’ll be sorry when I’m dead and gone!”

    (Actually, relieved is what we were.)

    Um. Where is this leading?

    Well anyway, seriously, folks, I’m glad to accept this award on behalf of all the other craven wine-blogging bastards out there. It is truly an honor. I love you, man. Peace out.

    Your Shamelessly Self-Promoting Whore,


    PS — Stay tuned for EXCITING WINE NEWS from Italy at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PPS – Charles Scicolone has no hair. He stole the wig from an orthodox Jewish lady in Borough Park.

  65. Great Guy! You should tell us now which is the best of the best of the best squirrel wine blog 😉

  66. Can I send over Sasheen Littlefeather to pick up my award for me?

  67. […] American Squirrel Awards… Just as I was contemplating that we need another wine blog awards system, that would be something equivalent to a “Festivus” (Frank Costanza, George’s father on Seinfeld who created a “Festivus,” a Festival for the Rest of Us), along came the American Squirrel Awards. […]

  68. Best Hair and best, ahem, phallic desert?

  69. Uzi-
    The pigeon dish scares Rocky…too close to home

  70. oh….*breathing* *panting*, thank you *tearing up*…I’d like to thank god (that would be Bacchus, folks) …and the spirit of the grapes (Demeter) and the soul of the vintner (Paul Clifton 🙂 …for recognizing my shenanigans …and spell check for having shenanigans in its dictionary.

    Thank you!
    And Bacchus Bless You all.

  71. […] think it’s hysterical that Sgt. Sassafras of Las Flores View Point Squirrel Colony (Camp Pendleton, CA), who has given out the Wine Squirrel Awards has noted ~ in his award ~ what wine bloggers have all […]

  72. Hey, that’s no prop. I really wear hats.

  73. Chiming Acidity? Have I ever actually used the phrase “Chiming Acidity”? Heck, if it gets me the right to post a squirrel picture on my web site, I’ll start to use it! (Although apparently, I already have.)


  74. I think I should win a squirrel-y as Best Wine Blog by a person who hates squirrels because I’m pretty sure they eat my hollyhocks every summer. Can I have a badge, too?

  75. There has be something I can be nominated for! Let’s see, I’m well over 50, I’m female, I’m Black (oops … “African-American”), I love to write, and I live in Las Vegas. Let me mull that one. There’s *got* to be something unique in there somewhere!

  76. Tragically, I`m not american but a Dutch winewriter about Italian wines. Please visit mine blog, it also many times translated in Italian language.

  77. I have awarded myself for the most egregious exploitation of a rodent var. vinifera on the Flod Blog, the home of so much that is flod.

  78. how about an award for best winemaker/importer /musician with a blog, or at least a Twitter account?

  79. I started writing too late for consideration in 2009. Keep me in mind in 2010. Thanks, and keep up the good squirrels.

  80. Please can I be considered as a candidate for Best Wine Blog That Mentions Wine Very Rarely But Uses Long Words category?

    • Yes dearie, but first you have to get your keister over to the right post

  81. How about best wine blog that doesn’t have the word “squirrel” anywhere on it? …yet.

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    It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

  87. Good post!

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